a craft coffee Roasterie & a home cookin' Restaurant

It all started in 2008...

Actually, technically, late 2007. We brought together a plan to bring great coffee and food to Black Forest. Originally, we started out in a 735 square foot space across the street from our current store. Armed with 4 tables, 15 seats, a really comfy couch, and a borderline insane mentality, we worked hard to make the roasterie/café concept fly. A year later, we pushed around some walls in the kitchen area and grew to 950 square feet. The same 15 seats (plus a little extra space on the patio) were there, but we were able to expand our menu.

Then, something happened. The grand plan worked.

Continued growth caused us to start "pushing on the walls" of our old space. We had to move or die on the vine. Since option B really wasn't an option, we started looking around for our new home. We found our new home conveniently across the street from our original location. After lengthy renovation, we moved into our new space in February 2013. And we haven't looked back since.

So how did we get here? Simple. An unwavering dedication to creating the best possible coffees and meals in the most comfortable environment possible. All while fully becoming an integral part of the community of Black Forest. We are humbled and honored to have become Black Forest's community gathering place, and we are eager to show you what dedication to our craft is all about.

Careers at R&R

Yup, we said it. Careers. Our mentality is simple: we hire only professionals. People who want to grow their talent, strive to better the product, and take pride in their workplace. People who want to represent R&R in the best way possible. In short: continually striving towards perfection. If you're just looking for a place to make a paycheck, may we recommend that you keep on traveling down the road.

At the same time, we are more concerned with attitude than aptitude. We will pass up someone who thinks they're God's gift to the coffee or food world for someone who is personable. We can teach technique: we can't teach personality. We can't teach personal cleanliness, either. Keep yourself clean and well presentable or you're finding a new job...

Perks are plenty here at R&R, attitude is upbeat, and fun is to be had.

Applying for a barista position? You'll start out as a cashier. Applying for a line chef position? You'll start as prep. When you move to your desired role in the R&R family is solely up to you and you alone.

R&R is locally owned. By joining us, you become part of our family for better or worse. Also, our family is part of the Black Forest Community. You will be representing us every time you're in the trees. Be nice, or we have to work extra hard to smooth things over. We don't like that.

Still reading? Haven't turned away in terror that you'd actually have to work for a living? Then check out our application. Print it, fill it out, and bring it back any time we're open. Whether or not we're hiring, it always helps to have your application on file. Things change fast in the restaurant world, and if your application is on file, it's that much easier for us to find you!

Our application:

Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected. We need self-starters around here; not people who need help with simple tasks like... well... filling out an application. Our applications are in PDF format: you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view 'em.

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