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We have New Coffees Available!

2010 January 15
by Ryan

I betcha thought we’d forgotten about the website and this blog!

NOPE! Just was busy through the Christmas season. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Our roasters have been churning out some seriously great coffees recently, including two new ones:

El Salvador Finca Santa Sofía (2009 Crop)

This is an absolutely wonderful cuppa! The Santa Sofía is from a fourth-generation farm located deep within El Salvador. The farmers have won Cup of Excellence awards for this coffee (not this crop, but this coffee) 5 different times–the most of any farm in El Salvador.

Yes, some agrichemicals are used in the processing of this coffee but only in severe cases. Most of the time, this coffee is naturally fertilized, hand picked, and water-processed.  The farm is 9.80 hectares big and each hectare hosts over 3000 trees. Even with that size of farm, because of the exacting quality standards the farmers employ, only 16-30 bags of coffee emerge for us roasters to play with.

So how does it taste? The Santa Sofía has a thick mouth feel, almost like you’ve poured syrup on your tongue. The flavors of plum and dark cherry fill your mouth, then it disappears. Seriously, there’s incredibly little aftertaste here.  It’s absolutely wonderful, and I urge you to come in for a cup or a pound before it’s gone.

Still $1.00 per 16oz cup; $8.25 for 8oz, $12.25 for 16oz

Ethiopia Sidamo Decaffeinated • Swiss Water Process/Certified Fair Trade Organic

So my biggest problem with decaf coffees recently is that it’s tough to trace it backwards to origin. Most decafs are a mix of whatever is still on the docks or the farms once the majority of the coffees are bagged up. That’s why you’ll see pretty generic names for the decafs at micro-roasters (here: Brazil Arabica, Guatemala SHB). That’s why I was thankful to see that my importers have started using their own stock for decaffeination.

To that end, we present this wonderful decaffeinated Sidamo. We roast it light to not hide the great flavors and it shows in the cup. The incredible sweetness that spills out of the cup is amazing, and the flavor has a touch of raspberry and cherry tones. Wonderful! Tell you what, if more decaf tasted like this, I think the decaf “stigma” would disappear!

Still $1.00 per 16oz Cup; $9.95 for 8oz, $14.95 for 160z

Plus all our other great coffees and blends are back in stock and waiting for you to come try some out!

See you soon at R&R!

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