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About our Coffee: Rwanda Abakundakawa

2010 April 26
by Ryan

Have we got a treat for you!

Our importer has secured, and, thusly, we have secured, a wonderful coffee from Rwanda, the Abakundakawa.

Abakundakawa, which is Rwandan for “Those who love coffee” is a co-op of farmers in the Gakenke district of northern Rwanda. 1954 members make up this cooperative, and over 40% of those members are female. The cooperative is Fair Trade Certified and is leading the way in organic certification processes for the Rwandan growers.

This coffee is grown between 1755 and 2000 meters and is processed at one of two washing stations the cooperative owns. It is harvested between March and May.

Yeah, yeah, you say. What does it taste like? Well, glad you asked.

The initial fragrance reminds me of a lightly brewed orange tea. The cup itself: very nuanced and delicate flavors abound. From honey to sweet berries to grapefruit, this cup packs a wallop of flavors without being so overpowering you can’t handle it. Aftertaste-wise, I get a silky, buttery mouthfeel.

This is an absolutely outstanding cuppa, and I can’t recommend it enough. But be warned, I was only able to get one bag of it! It’ll last for a while, but there’s no seconds! 🙂

$6.95/ half pound

$10.95/ full pound

Or, try it on our new Syphon Brewer for $2.50/cup!

See you soon at R&R!

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