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Coffee, coffee everywhere

2010 June 24
by Ryan

It’s time to update our coffee selections again, netizens!

First off, we have brought back one of our favorites, the Costa Rica Terrazú Santa Elena Estate “Miel”. A wonderfully sweet, bright flavor with a subtle butter and raisin tone in the undercurrents. We’ve procured quite a bit of this gem, so we won’t be running out anytime soon, either. If you want more information, we have an “About our Coffee” post right here on this very blogsite.

Also back in (but still needing to be roasted by yours truly) is another favorite, the Guatemala Ixil A’achimbal. Known as the Guatemala Trapichitos last year, this year brought a new name but the same flavors: wine-like acidity, subtle smokiness, and great fruit tones.

And, coming soon:

We have established our first Direct Trade! We are going to be working directly with Alberto Marzan, grower of the Dominican Gold Coffee. We have just sampled his “Classic” coffee, and we were blown away. It’s tremendously smooth, with a subtle cocoa tone and nuanced fruit and berry flavors. This is one worth keeping!

To all you who are repeatedly asking me to carry Hawaii Kona: I hear you. I have found a new Kona coffee that has won “Best of Hawaii” coffee this year! I’ll be ordering that Kona shortly, but I warn you: I’m only ordering 15 pounds of the beastie: that works out to be about 10-11 pounds of 100% Kona. Let me know if you’re interested in a pound or two.

Whew! Always changing the coffees, searching for the best cup!

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