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On Goodbyes

2010 July 14
by Ryan

Coffee shops the world over pride themselves on becoming integrated into the community, and we here at R&R are no different. With pride I can say that we have become the community gathering place in Black Forest. As I type this, I can look over the dining area, and I can tell you the names, favorite drinks and foods, hobbies, and other little snippets of information of over 3/4 of the guests sitting in here. To say that the Black Forest community has become part of our family would be an understatement.

In the two-plus years we’ve been here, we’ve celebrated births, graduations, promotions, and weddings. We’ve mourned job losses, moves, and passings on. We love the celebrations; we dread the mournings.

Which brings me to my point of this post.

In the last few weeks, two of our most cherished extended family members have passed on or are just about to.

Molly, a wonderfully sweet dancer who became fast friends with our family both in and out of our store, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was given a mere two weeks to live. That was two weeks ago.

Sara, another close friend, decided for reasons only she knew, that she did not belong in this world anymore. Our personal feelings on suicide aside, we mourn for her pain and the turmoil her family is now living through.

As everyone already knows, it’s rough when you lose a family member. It’s just as rough for us when we lose an extended family member. But instead of decking out our store in flowers and black ribbons, we have decided to celebrate both our lost friends’ lives.

This Saturday, we will donate 30% of all sales to our lost friends. For Molly, we will be making a contribution to the American Cancer Society. For Sara, we will be donating to her husband and thirteen-year-old daugher, who, suffice it to say, have been absolutely rocked by her decision.

We hope you will come join us in celebrating our lost friends and supporting our decision to help out our community.

And please, please, oh please: if you feel like there’s no other escape for your troubles, do not–under any circumstances–keep it bottled up. Please talk to a friend, family member, minister, or contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1800-273-TALK. There is no reason at all for you to end your own life. It’s not just your own life you’re taking: you’re taking your families lives as well.

Thank you,

The gang at R&R

UPDATE: Thank you sooooo much to the Black Forest Community! With our contribution, we raised over $300 for our family members. See? This is why we love Black Forest the way we do! Words cannot express the gratitude and love we feel for our home.

TYour blog moved me almost to tears! God bless Sara, Molly and you all I will be there, if only for a short while. I have to be at the Monument Farmers market tomorrow. My sister wasa able to have two celebrations of life before her passing from Lung CA. 6 years ago. I feel for both women’s families as well as all of their friends!! Sicerely Melissa Laude

Mandy says:

We’ll be there.

My mother lost her own mother when she was 14, to suicide. What you’ve said is true about the effect on the family members left behind – my mother has never fully recovered, and she just turned 72.

I only wish Sara had known this truth before she made her choice.

Thanks for knitting together our community the way you do — not just with great food and coffee, but with love and laughter.

Ben says:

Re-tweeted and I’m letting everyone I know about it. See you Saturday.