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Baked in store vs. Scratch Made

2011 January 20
by Ryan

Recenetly Carla, our baker extraordinaire, went to a food show in Denver. While there, she got talking to some other chefs and bakers from throughout the Front Range. Every baker was priding themselves on how much they made in their restaurants and bakeries.

One problem. They pride themselves on opening a mix packet, adding some goodies here and there, baking it, and calling it their own. When Carla called them on the fact that they really aren’t baking, one chef had a quick response:

“Well, nobody bakes from scratch anymore.”

Well, I guess we’re nobody then.

Cinnamon Roll

Scratch-made cinnamon roll, scratch-made frosting.

While we aren’t 100% scratch-bake, almost all of our pastries, breads, and soups are made from scratch right here in our bakery. We know exactly what ingredients go into all the goodies, and we do not use any type of preservative in anything we make.

So the next time you go to a bakery, Panera, or any other place that brags about baking in-store, ask if it’s scratch-made in the store. When they say no, swing by our shop and taste the difference. We promise you’ll be impressed.