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Bananas vs. Coffee Grinding

2012 January 30
by Ryan

Let’s talk bananas for a second.

A great snack, portable, and –most of all– fresh. At least when it’s this color. And when you buy them at the store, you don’t ask the produce clerk to peel them for you, right?

Because what will happen to that banana? The fruit will get soggy first, then turn to mush, then, if you let it sit around long enough, will turn to a liquid goo that is just, well, disgusting. Sure, if you were to taste said goo, the flavor would remind you that it was a banana at one time. But we have standards. We’re not going to taste that goo!

Yet on a daily basis we get asked to grind that bag of coffee. Sure, we’ll do it, but it’s the equivalent of asking your produce clerk to peel that banana for you.

FACT: Coffee is an organic product that has a shelf life: 14 days from the roast date. When kept in whole bean form.

ANOTHER FACT: Ground coffee loses half — yes, HALF — its flavor within an hour of being ground. The rest of that flavor is gone in 24 hours.

We get asked on occasion how someone can make a better cup of coffee at home. The number one answer is that a good burr grinder is necessary. Sure, it may set you back 50 bucks, but you’ll notice a difference immediately. And trust us, fifty bucks is the cheapest way out of your coffee doldrums. You want to spend more? You definitely can. But start here.

We’ve said in the past in another blog post that even a $15 Wal-Mart special blade grinder is better than having us grind your coffee, and we continue to stand behind that thought. However, dropping the extra $35 smackers will make that much more of a difference.

Try it out for yourself, then go to your local produce clerk and thank ’em for not peeling your bananas. You’ll understand it, even if he thinks you’re one of them.

Kat says:

Yes! Another great post. This is why you rock, I can be my “snobby coffee bean grinding” self and feel fine. 😉