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The Worst Kept Secret in Black Forest

2012 May 24
by Ryan

Well, as all of you who visit us frequently know, we’re pretty crunched for space. From seating to roasting to baking, we’re pushing every last square foot of space out of our very cramped environs and every usable minute off our equipment.

We’re tired of it. Just the way you are, I’d wager.

So, without further ado, may we present…

the NEW R&R…our new home. Well, soon to be our new home.

This is the retail part of the old Lumber Yard across the street from our current location. We’ve figured out all the numbers and gave the go ahead to the contractor. With any luck, we should be rocking hard in the new digs around August 1.

So how does moving the whole mess across the street help with space issues? Let’s break it down…

Old store: 950 square feet. New store: 2900 square feet!

Seating:  Now, officially 15 plus the patio. New store: 62-78 indoor (depending on septic field design) plus a patio next spring.

Roasting Room: Now, a 6×6 closet shared with all the paperwork,. New store: 28×18 room complete with training and cupping lab, a real office, and a new 12 lb roaster!

Bakery: Now, part of a 6 foot prep table with an oven smaller than your typical home oven. New store: a room about the size of our current dining room with 4 times the oven and prep space!

Kitchen: Now, one prep table with a griddle on it plus refrigeration. New store: a fully functioning line with stoves, ovens, griddle, and a char broiler all under a vent hood! (No more grease in the air!)

WOW! We’ll have ROOM! 🙂

Conceptually, our new menu will consist of the goodies you already know and love: coffees, baked goods, killer breakfasts, and sandwiches, but we’ll be adding Ranch Foods Direct burgers, buffalo burgers, baked sweet potato fries, and more goodies! We’re even planning–for after the first of the year–to add dinner service to our repertoire, complete with more RFD goodies (steaks, seafood, and the like).

We will be posting updates and pictures to our facebook page as construction commences, and we will be asking for help throughout the process, too. (Painting party, anyone?)

Of course, we all here at R&R have to say a big THANK YOU to Black Forest. Without your support, we would not be ready to make this big of a leap. And we are eternally grateful that you have accepted us into this community. We hope you’ll continue to visit once we’re in our new home!

Nancy says:

Great news…..please find room for some gluten free bread in all that great space! Looking forward to your future.

Jordan says:

EXCELLENT! Congratulations guys, can’t wait to see the new location up & running!

Amy Lillard says:

Excellent news!! Congratulations!!

Kevin Hall says:

Congrats!! If you need help moving, please let me know!

Lyndsay says:


David Wright says:

Way to go Ryan and the team for grabbing onto this dream and making it a reality. You all provide the BEST coffee in our whole state and you’re in our own backyard – how lucky are we?! Call on me to help in any way…..all I ask is you have some coffee brewed up when I arrive.

(A VERY happy) David

Bill Flentje says:

Way to be! I can hardly wait to see your new digs!

Holly Quinn says:

You have no idea how happy this makes me feel! Congratulations on your expansion!

Jamie Davis says:

I am so HAPPY for you guys. Having been there from the start I know the story of your journey. Congratulations and I’m sure it’s only going to get better.

Only wish I could be there to be a part of it. Any chance you can open the first franchise branch in Oklahoma? 🙂

Rik Meyers says:

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Let me know if you need help moving.