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Jigsaw Puzzle

2013 March 7
by Ryan

Imagine, if you will, a jigsaw puzzle that you are assembling…

puzzleAll is going well. You have all the edges figured out and you’re inching towards completion. Piece after piece, night after night, you work on your creation.

Then you are down to the last four pieces. Right smack dab in the center of the puzzle.

And they’re not there. Anywhere. At all.

Now what? You have friends coming over to check out your puzzle. You know all you’ll hear is

How come you don’t have the puzzle done? You’re so close!

Frustration abounds. Both on your side and on your friends’ side.

That’s where we are at with our pourover coffee bar. Believe me, we are hearing plenty of feedback about the time it takes to brew, the refills (or lack thereof), and just general frustration about the lack of the pump pots. It’s frustrating to you (and to us as well).

See, we are not serving commodity coffee here. We haven’t been for a few years now, but the new store gave us the opportunity to enhance our service levels on the coffees.

kat1The coffee we are serving here has gone through rigorous testing and sampling from the growers, importers, and us. We pay a premium for this coffee simply because this type of rigamarole leads to a smoother, richer, more satisfying cup. This is not your Starbucks, 7-11, or Dunkin coffee. This is not a commodity. This is the story of hard work and long hours through the whole chain to get you something really special. No, you really don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to notice the difference, either. Since we’re not serving commodity coffee… well… the airpots seem to take it down a notch.

We are fully aware that this procedure takes a little while longer for your cup. If you’re in a hurry and just looking for a cuppa it’s a challenge. We are searching for a solution to that.

But for those of you ready to sit down and enjoy a cuppa from us or are willing to stall your day by three minutes or so, the new glassware will fully complete the coffee experience. Yeah, serving it in the paper cup definitely doesn’t add to the experience. Come Tuesday, we will have all our glassware and be able to fully explain the hows and whys of a Craft Coffee Brew. We will have the last four pieces of the puzzle.

As for the weekend speed issues, we have retrained ourselves to speed up the coffee service. Sure, when there’s 10 or so cups in at once, we can’t push out a three minute cup. But we can do everything in our power to make sure the wait is worth it.

We hope it will all make complete sense once the puzzle is complete. Then we can stand back and show you how hard we’ve worked on it and why it was worth you coming over to see our masterpiece.

Art the Bro says:

When will i be able to order coffee online – the online store still says it’s closed?

Art the Bro says:

Glad you’re up and running – think I’ll order some coffee!

Craig Brumfield says:

I for one really appreciate slowing down for a good cup of coffee, so well done Ryan and gang 🙂

Jim says:

You guys rock. Good stuff takes time!