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On Sundays

2013 April 3
by Ryan

So, as we have been advertising, we were planning on starting Sunday Brunch service this Sunday, the seventh. After much deliberation, we have decided to hold off on Sundays for the time being.


Easy. We’re not ready.

If you’ve been in recently, you’ll know that we’re stretched to the limit on staffing levels versus guest counts. This is a good problem, but one that we need to fix before adding an additional shift to the week.

We have people in here and are in the process of training them, but that takes time. And we would rather not have issues where we try to push the limits of our staff just to deliver a less-than-great experience for you.

So bear with us a little while longer for Sundays. We will be opening back up soon, but we want to make sure all the kinks are out of the system before we do.

Thanks for your understanding!


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