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Fast Track is Back!

2013 June 5
by Ryan

If you remember way back when… in our old store we had what we called the Fast Track. This is where you could run in, place your change in a cup, grab a cup, fill, and go. This was huge draw for the morning commuters and was sorely missed when we moved and discontinued it.

Well, it’s time to fill up!

fast track headerIt’s back! Walk in our front door, walk straight to the counter. Drop your money in the waiting cup (exact change only, please), get a cup, and GO!

There’s one difference with the old store and the new store with the Fast Track:

Once you place your change in the cup, ask any employee for the correct cup size. We will hand you the cup then you can fill away.

We hope you’ll enjoy the convenience of getting a serious cup of coffee quickly and (relatively) painlessly. Thanks for your patience while we figured out how to bring this back.


Read on for the nitty gritty about why it took so long to bring the Fast Track back and why we don’t have the air pots available for you to pour your own cup……

One reason why we pulled the air pots from guest access is because of a tremendous misuse of our refill policy. In the old store, from 6:00-11:00, we would go through 25 pots of coffee–or five pounds. Our numbers said we should have gone through 15. Those extra pots were from refills. We tried to stem the outflow by asking for a quarter per refill just to cushion the blow. For every eight refills we saw, we got one quarter. Simply put, we were losing quite a bit of money on the pots.

Yes, air pot coffee in a coffee shop is usually the loss leader. (You know you’re going to lose money on it so you plan accordingly.) But it was really leading the pack, if you get my drift.  By placing the baristas in charge of refills and cups, we hope to allow the convenience of the Fast Track without breaking the bank.

Comments on all this (and anything else, of course) are always welcome.
Thanks for your understanding!

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