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Share the Addiction

2013 November 6
by Ryan

So it’s about that time again. Time to talk Christmas gifts. Yeah, I know. But bear with me….



Are you addicted to caffeine as much as we are? Are you jonesin’ for that next cool white bag with the beans of deliciousness in it? Then help us share the love and get COFFEE ON US.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Coffee. For free. One pound to your door. Free. Did I mention it’s free?

Here’s all ya gotta do:

  1. Wander on over to our coffee subscription page.
  2. Set up a gift subscription for a friend (or two or three… ) you feel deserves the amazingness that is our coffee.
  3. Choose the three month subscription plan
  4. Pay the 66 bucks.
  5. You’ll get an email confirmation with a link you can forward on to your friend. (This means you can set up the subscription now and send the link once we’re more into the Christmas season!)
  6. Once your friend confirms the subscription, we will email you to arrange pickup or delivery of the free pound of coffee.

It’s that easy. And a great gift idea. And you have until December 31 to make the leap. But again, you control when the email with the subscription link is sent to your friend.

And who knows? After this kind of gift, your friend may become your very bestest friend–ever.

Not that we’re bragging about or coffee or anything…..

Oh, I almost forgot. If your friend continues the subscription after the three months are up, we’ll throw another pound of coffee your way. How neat-o is that?!?

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