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Order. Pickup. Go.

2014 April 21
by Ryan

The problem with craft coffee and from scratch cooking is that it takes a bit to do it right. And we are fully aware that we hear comments to that end regularly. We’ve sped things up as much as we can, but it still. takes. time.

So what if you can order ahead of time? While on your phone? And walk in, pick it up, and go? No lines, no cashing out while in the store, no nothing but quick, speedy service in the time it takes you to drive here? Sound like a winner?

Square PickupWe have teamed up with Square to offer the Pickup service! Your phone becomes our cash register! Order from your phone and we’ll get to work. We tell you when your order is ready (usually within 15 minutes of ordering) and you walk in, pick up, and go.



  • Point your phone’s web browser to
  • Enter the invite code “trypickup” (no quotes)
  • Download and install the app
  • Register a square account (if you don’t already have one) and link a credit card
  • Order away! Our entire menu is available on the Pickup App.
  • We will alert you when your order is ready.

Please note this is a BETA product from Square. Some things may not work quite right. And it’s for iOS devices only right now.

If you have an android phone, windows phone, blackberry, or want to order from your computer, you’re not left behind! Point your web browser to:     to order our entire menu for pickup. (Whole bean coffees are only available for shipping out, not pickup at this time)

What are you waiting for? Get ordering!

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