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Something Stunning

2014 May 15
by Ryan

So it was time to order coffee from my importer again. And I was torn on which coffee to get out of a myriad of great choices.


I told my importer I was interested in something stunning. And they delivered.

Oh, did they deliver.

Introducing our newest coffee to the lineup: The Brazil Samambaia Special Prep Catigua Natural Process.



This is not your typical Brazil Coffee, I promise you that!

We have carried the Brazil Samambaia Estates coffees for quite a number of years. In the past, we have usually stuck with their Pulped Natural process Bourbon varietals. It was time for a change.

Our importer challenged the Samambaia growers to try a fully natural process coffee this time. By tending only the ripest coffee cherry, manually removing the dried cherry skin, and drying it on a patio, the producers managed to take their coffee to another level. And the best part of it: they only produced five 80-kg bags.

Yes, you read that right: five 80 kilo bags.

So not only is this coffee stunning in the cup, it’s also pretty darn rare, too.

So enough hype: here’s the lowdown on what it tastes like. Since that’s pretty important, too.

  • In the bag, whole bean, there’s a great sweet floral aroma. Room-filling aroma, really.
  • In the cup, the aroma alternates between strawberry creme candies and lilacs
  • The taste is quite stunning. This is a really complex cup with hints of plum, deep red grape, mint, and date under a sweetness that will make you swear you added sugar.
  • But the aftertaste is what will surprise you the most: basil and tarragon flavors live on your palate for… well… most of the rest of the day.


It’s available right now on the shelves and will be available on the pourover bar starting Friday.

And if you do buy a 12 oz bag of it for use at home, trust me: break out that French Press or Clever Coffee Dripper to make your cuppa. This coffee loves the full immersion style of brewing. You’ll be happy you did.

Happy sipping!

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