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On Sundays

2014 July 19
by Ryan

We have been collecting comment cards in the shop and talking it up on Facebook, and we now think we have a solution for our Sunday services.

Those of you who have visited us on Sundays know we were using a sit down, get waited on style of service. Which is different than our usual way of doing things through the week.

We have heard good, bad, very good, and horrible reviews concerning the waitstaff-driven style. Two of those types of reviews are welcome, the others… well… let’s just say none of the comments have fallen on deaf ears.

So it’s time for a change. Hopefully for the better.

Starting this Sunday (July 20), we will go back to the order at the register style. But we’ll still have servers.

Basically, how it will work is this: initially you’ll order at the register (and we will have a secondary register available to keep the queue down) off our regular menu with Sunday Specials. Once you’re at the table, however, our service staff will take over and you’ll want for nothing. We’re even equipping our server with a portable version of our register system so we can take care of all your needs. If any of you have ever eaten at Il Vicino in the Springs, you’ll recognize the style.


I know that our service standards on Sundays have –at times– left a lot to be desired. And for that, I want to apologize. I have known we have needed to change the way we do things on Sundays for a while now: recent issues with our former register system and a shortage of staff (aaahhh, vacation times…) made the decision to pull the trigger on the change pretty easy for me for this weekend.

I know there’s quite a few of you that really enjoyed the server-style we were doing. But a few more of you that felt our service standards were not there. You can ask any of the team here: this is a decision we have been wrestling with for quite a number of months. I believe the way we’re heading to is the best to continue that quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Of course, I value your opinion on this or any other thing regarding our store. Feel free to comment here, on our facebook or twitter pages, drop me an email (ryan [at] RnRCoffeeCafe [dot] com), or just swing by.

Thank you for continuing to support your community coffee shop! We wouldn’t be here without you.


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