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AVOG Buyer’s Club

2014 September 15
by Ryan

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers association! As you may know, we are the host site for their CSA dropoffs every Tuesday.

Now, we’re offering a chance to get bulk produce weekly as part of the AVOG Buyer’s Club.

avogHere’s how it works:

  • Sign up for the email list. It can be found right here.
  • Every Friday, we will send out an email with what AVOG is offering for the week. Choose what you want and reply to the email address in the offer email. Please note the offerings are for bulk purchases. We don’t recommend splitting cases (really expensive!), but I bet your friends or neighbors would be interested in some produce, too!
  • Come into the shop on Saturday or Sunday to purchase what you have requested. Your order will not be relayed to AVOG until payment has been received. The order will go to AVOG at 2:00pm Sunday. Alternatively, the offer list will be posted at the shop. You can order directly from us.
  • AVOG will deliver the order on Tuesday afternoons, usually after 3:00pm. Pick up your order before we close Tuesday or before 10:00am Wednesday.
  • Orders not picked up by 10:00 Wednesday may be resold.

AVOG does have a $150 minimum purchase for the entire buyer’s club. You don’t have to order $150 worth of produce, but all of us combined do have to. If we do not reach that $150 goal, we will refund your money immediately. We will be in contact with you if availability changes, too.

Seriously, folks. If you’ve seen the high quality of the items AVOG has been bringing into our shop (or tasted them, since we use a lot of the produce ourselves), you know this is a great opportunity to get some produce at bulk quantities at not a lot of money. No CSA membership is necessary for the buyer’s club. You just have to deal with me sending email to you once a week.

We will also have upcoming workshops with Bonnie from Hungry Chicken Homestead and CFAM talking about canning this wonderful produce, storing potatoes, and more! I will talk these workshops up in the weekly email.

Sign up for the email today, and we’ll start up the buyer’s club next week!

Questions? Let me know in the comments!


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