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Doing Business in Black Forest

2016 January 4
by Ryan

Today we learned of a fellow Black Forest Business closing its doors. The Breakfast Club, open just under two years, has ceased operations, effective immediately.

TBC, we hardly knew ya.

TBC, we hardly knew ya.

While some may think I’d be sitting here gloating about it, that’s the farthest thing from my mind. Sure, Stacy and I have butted heads in the past, and sure, we have been directly in competition with each other. But to me it goes beyond that when it comes to this business community.

Losing a business in our community is quite like losing a loved one. All you have to do is look at their facebook announcement to see this first hand. This was a huge loss for Black Forest.

As I said to my staff when I found out about it:

This could just as easily have been us making this announcement.

Doing business in Black Forest is tough–tougher than many other markets. On a daily basis we walk the tightrope of the costs of doing business and the volume coming in the door. Sometimes we come out ahead, sometimes I’m calling vendors and telling them to hang on one more day before cashing that check. It’s a way of life up here.

I’m not complaining, though, as I’m sure Stacy isn’t either. We both chose to open our restaurants in the Forest knowing full well what is involved.

Whatever the reason was behind this loss, I know that she fought tooth and nail to keep her store alive for almost two years. And for that, Stacy has my deepest respect. I hope she lands on her feet–from what I heard (having never been able to try anything myself), she knows her way around a kitchen and deserves her own store again soon.

Thank you, Stacy and your entire team over there. You kept us on our feet here, and made Black Forest that much better off for the last two years.

May your grill be hot and the orders be on time,

Ryan Wanner