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Springtime = Coffee Time

2017 May 8
by Ryan
Oh, yeah… we have a blog. Let’s see if we can keep semi-regular updates going on here…..

This time of year is exciting in the specialty coffee world: new coffees arrive at a breakneck pace. And this year we’re happy to have our necks broken… 🙂 Also, as a bonus, these coffees are the second, third, and fourth coffees we’ve exclusively roasted on our new-to-us Diedrich Roaster. So we’ve developed the roast profiles to *really* bring out the best these beans have to offer!

Introducing three (yes, three!) new coffees available on our bar starting this week…

Congo Mwise Buhoyo

First up is the Congo Mwise Buhoyo. Our tasting notes range from sweet but strong citrus notes through lime, plum, and butterscotch tones appearing as the cup cools and on the aftertaste. A sweet, slightly heavy bodied cup. This comes from our friends at Crop To Cup Importers, and can be purchased online from us at our Kojava Storefront.

Ethiopia Guji Kercha

We bid a fond farewell to our Ethiopia Chuchu this last week. But don’t shed a tear: the Guji is here to impress! Watermelon and peach. Seriously. The peach is ALL OVER this cup as it cools and makes a phenomenal iced coffee. And even with all that sweet, bright fruit tones, the cup is surprisingly heavy-bodied for being from Ethiopia–known for its tea-like coffees. Our main coffee go-to peeps Atlas Coffee Importers bring us this stunner, and it’s also available for online purchase on our Kojava Storefront.

Uganda Kanyenze Floated Drugar

Last up in the new arrival category is our Uganda Kanyenze, also from our friends at Crop to Cup. The “floated” term comes from the processing: as soon as the ripe coffee cherries hit the fermentation tanks, some of them float to the top almost instantly. These magical, perfectly ripe beans are pulled from the tanks immediately and then dried and processed using the Natural process. What does that do the the flavor? A LOT. You won’t even have to sniff hard for the explosive blueberry aromas that emanate from the beans even before they’re ground. That blueberry note is exceedingly prominent in the cup, as is an oatmeal-like savoriness that you have to taste to believe. But don’t quit just yet! Both the aftertaste and moreso as the cup cools, a passion fruit taste emerges to smack your taste buds around.  This is available for online purchase on our Kojava Storefront as well.

This is a great time to be a coffee drinker, my friends, especially when we get to show off how much the Diedrich is changing roasts for the better up here.

See you soon!

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