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Events at R&R

We're not just about the food and drink here at R&R. We like to pass along the knowledge of what we're trying to accomplish. Throughout the year, we host or participate in multiple events.

From every R&R family member tossing coffee samples in the annual Black Forest Festival parade to workshops on High Altitude Baking to Home Roasting Tips, we offer a little something for everyone.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Register for any of the Workshops by dropping by our shop or emailing info[at]RnRCoffeeCafe[dot]com.

Unless specified, all workshops are on Saturdays at 4:00 pm.

No events?!? Stupid COVID.

More events will be forthcoming, including Coffee Tastings, Espresso 101, Cinnamon Roll baking, cake decorating, and others! Keep an eye on this page or our blog for more events.

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