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Coffee Craftsmanship

Our coffees are roasted on site by a branch of R&R called Golden Pine Coffee Roasters.

With care and dedication befitting a person bordering on insanity, our Roast Master works hard to procure, roast, and prepare the best cup of coffee possible. All our coffees are roasted on a lovingly restored Diedrich IR-12 in small batches and are less than 14 days off roast at all times in our store.

Know Your JoeWhile some roasters focus on Fair Trade or any of the many certifications available out there, we like to take it one step further. Whenever we can, we offer Know Your Joe biographies of every detail about the cup: from the farmer's name through the best brew method for your coffee. By offering "Relationship Coffee," we are able to bridge the gap between the farmer and your cup.

But Golden Pine goes far beyond just roasting coffees. All new baristas in our store are trained for over a month to ensure we serve only the best cup we can. Continuing education for our baristas is a must, and we are constantly striving for that elusive perfect cuppa.

For more information about the roasterie, please head over to our roasterie website. We also have information about our store's beverage menu. You can also purchase coffees online.

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