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Sit back & relax

Have you ever noticed how most restaurants out there have a very generic feel to them? Sure, there may be a bunch of pictures or stuffed somethings on the walls, but, realistically, they all look and feel about the same.

We wanted to buck that trend with our restaurant. Our main dining room features a mural by local artist Donna Hartley. Our den is stuffed with books, comfy chairs, and a fireplace if you need to escape the world for a while. And you can belly up to the espresso bar and chat away with our friendly baristas.

Of course, a restaurant isn't much of anything if the food isn't that good. We take pride in making our menu all from scratch. All our baked goods and breads are made from scratch on site. Meals are made to order instead of being thrown in a microwave. Heck, even the coffee and iced tea are hand-brewed to order! And we use local ingredients whenever possible. Why? Simple:

Local Matters.

We have worked with Corner Post Meats for quite a few years now, and we now have forged a relationship with Arkansas Valley Organic Growers to further our local relationships. Combine that with Black Forest Honey, Royal Crest Dairies, local crafters, and many, many more local providers, and you have the perfect mixture of local.

Please browse our menu below, order online for to go, or swing on by and see local at work.

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Due to COVID forcing us to change our business model, (See the note on our home page) our menu changes frequently.

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